Tuesday, January 3, 2012


He was as much of Prohet of greive as much as prophet of mercy:
he was as much of the Prophet of ordeal as the prophet of affection,The Prophet of distress and at the sam time the Prophet of the compassion:
One day,his friends distressed and exhausted,asked him" O Messenger of God will you not curse our enemies?"His eyes filled with tears and he answered:" I was not sent for the purse of curing,but as a universal source of mercy."Praise to God Almighty who said:''No doubt God has created Adam(alayhisalaam) in the form of Rahman -The Most Gracious:''First and foremost he was campassionate to children:''When the Prophet of compassion saw a child,his face filled with joy and affection:''One day,a Bedouin told him:We do not kiss our children."He replied."If God has taken mercy away from hearts,what can I do?"He encourged parents ro show their affection to their children by kissing them.He said"For each kiss,yow will be granted a grade from Heaven and the period between each grade is five hundred years"He considered serving mothers as kind of worship,when he said"Heaven in under the feet of mothers"He encourged Muslim mens to treat their women kindly.When womans rode camels he was worried that their delicate bodies might be injured;thus he did not allow the cameks ri go quickly.He knew very well that treating one's parents with kindness was praiseworthy act in the presence of God.He said he would be suprised if one who loked after one or both of his parents in their old age were not abe to go to Heaven.He once said that the angels would pray for the who spends the night with a sick person.He would often advise his wife Aisha,saying ''O Aisha you should love the poor,establish close relation with tem so that God will take you near Him on the Day of judgment.)Never let needy person go away from your door"Sometims when the Prophet did not have anything to give to the needy,he would allow people to give money to the poor in his bame as a debt.He advised his compassions to relieve those wgo were in debt or in need of money.He praised theose who behaved this way and promised that God would save those compassionate people from their troubles on the Day of Judgment.He forgave a woman who had attempted to posion him.He said there will be no self-righteousness,or conndemnations of you today".One day the Prophet talked about the compassion of a sinful woman towards a thirty dog.The woman saw the dog bear a well.The dog was panting from thirst.She put her shoe inside the well filled it with water and gave it to the dog.God forgave all sins of this woman.When he saw that some Bedouins wre setting fire to ants,he scolded them,saying"Only God,the owner of fire,has the right to cause pain to by means of fire"Indeed there has come unto you( O,mankind) an Apostle from among yourselves:heavily weighs upon him (the thought)that you might suffer in the life to come;full of concern for you(is he,and full of compassion and mercy towards the believers"(Tawaba,9:128).
                                    source www.islamicpoem.com

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