Wednesday, February 15, 2012

shaikh jilani and a priest

one day shaikh Jilani happened to meet Caliph while he was playing chess with the priest.Priest was about to make a move of one of pawn and Shaikh blinkered his eyes looking at him.When he opened his eyes Priest knew he was drowning in a river and shouted for help so that some one may help him from drowning.A young shepherd jumped to save him and when the shepherd touched his body to save him from the ordeal he felt he was naked and by the very same touch he was transformed into a girl.

He asked her as to from where she is and about her family .The girl stated she belongs to Baghdad, a far away place.He protected priest turned girl and eventually as she had no other connection with any one.As she had none to care they started family life and three children were born to her and the time was bidding! one day she was washing laundry in teh same river where miraculously she was trapped.some how she slipped again into the river and had to go the ordeal again.when she opened her eyes she felt as sitting across the chess table and pawn in his hand.Now Shaikh Jilani asked the priest,"Are you still in doubt?.Do you still disbelieve?" Priest was in doubt as to what had happened and he believed it was some thing unreal and was in a world of dream.The priest asked shaikh Jilan"what do you mean" Ghawth al -A'zam,Shaikh Jilani asked him ,"perhaps you would like to see your family?" There he opened the gate;there stood the shepherd and his family!it is narrated the priest along with about five thousand other Christians embraced Islam

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