Monday, April 23, 2012


"Is there for me a way to travel swiftly towards Tayba,
To visit the tomb of the Hashimi Muhammad?(swallallahu alaihi wasallam )
That which has spread its fragrance under his protection
Has caused the pilgrims to convulse in the direction of Muhammad(swallallahu alaihi wasallam )
I went away bathed in tears, tears falling like a downpour,
Yearning towards that Prophet Muhammad(swallallahu alaihi wasallam )
I swear by the Rahman, I possess not a single excellent trait,
I am only totally encompassed in the love of Prophet Muhammad(swallallahu alaihi wasallam )
I give a description of the affliction of my longing for him, which is plain to see
For me there are no enjoyments without visiting that Master
I have become exhausted yearning to hasten to his grave
Truly for me, there are no pleasures and joys in life without Muhammad.(swallallahu alaihi wasallam )
He is the sun of illumination, crown of guidance, the sea of generosity(swallallahu alaihi wasallam )
Indeed there is no good except in following Muhammad.(swallallahu alaihi wasallam )
He is the downpour whose blessings encompass all creatures
Rather, the entire creation of Allah is less than Muhammad.(swallallahu alaihi wasallam )
If I had traveled to Tayba, I would have obtained the object of my desires,
Being completely covered in the dust of the sandals of Muhammad.(swallallahu alaihi wasallam )
The tomb of Ahmad is plastered with fragrances
I am strengthened with the scent of musk, the fragrance of Muhammad.(swallallahu alaihi wasallam )
The sun is nothing nor is the eclipse which distorts it,
There is no eclipsing the light of that Guide.
The desire of my heart is to visit his house,
My tears overflow from the loss of that Master.
My tears pour forth when I remember his demise,
For I am consumed in the love of Prophet Muhammad.(swallallahu alaihi wasallam )
If it is said to me 'Who fills you with longing among mankind?'(swallallahu alaihi wasallam )
Then I will say, 'I am passionately in love with Muhammad.(swallallahu alaihi wasallam )
Completely destroyed is the one, who refuses to follow his path,
His torment will be prolonged here and likewise in the next life.
Arise with us and let us run to the sun of guidance,
Let us swiftly traverse the open dessert to visit the grave of Muhammad.(swallallahu alaihi wasallam )
Lets fasten our saddles heading towards the beauty of the Day of Standing,
Lets us role ourselves in the dust of that mosque in Tayba.
                                            from the poem of uthman Dan fodio
                                       for full poem pls visit thier website

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