Friday, June 1, 2012


I focus my attention on the messenger of Allah Taha, who is sanctified from pair and rival. He is indeed a substantial origin.

~He was a confirmed messenger of Allah at the time when the source of men (Adam) was water and dust and there were no men at that age to be familiar with.

~He evolves in stages and in forms until he manifested to men as an exalted Master.

~He came with Allah's message (Qur'an) giving glad-tidings, warned against sins, thanking and remembering his Lord and glorifying Him.

~Allah guided some people who followed his path venerately and led astray those who reviled him and eradicated their traces

~I pray by the magnificence of Messenger of Allah and the companions as a whole, kindly remove my sufferings and our (Muslim Brothers) sufferings completely.

source:from one of tijani brother (i dont know about the author)

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