Tuesday, September 25, 2012

O the shelter of sinners-a poem by Khalid bagdadi

"O the shelter of sinners, to take refuge in you I come!
I committed many guilts, here to beg you I come!
I deviated into dark places, I got stuck in bogs,
To the source of light, the illuminator of right path I come.
I have only a life left to lose, O the life of all lives!
Will it be proper to say 'to sacrifice my life I come'?
You are the healer of the sufferer, and me is a sick at heart,
For the remedy of my heart's sore, to knock at your door I come?
It is improper to take something to the door of the generous,
To kiss the honored earth which you have trodden on I come.
My sins are a lot like mountains, my face black like tar,
Entirely to get rid of this burden, this darkness, I come.
A drop of your ocean of favor will certainly clean all,
Although with my deed-book as black as my face I come.
If I can only kiss the soil of your door, O darling dearer than my life
Works impossible with water arises from that soil!"
                                                      -KHALID BAGDADI


special thanks to ms friend ani,love youuu..........

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