Monday, November 19, 2012


Once in the Majlis of Hazrat Hajee Imadaadullah Makki (Rahmatullahi alayh) a discussion pertaining to intention for the journey to Madinah tayyibah was in progress.

some learned personalities were of view that one should travel with the intention of visiting Madinah Tayyibah.Some said that one should travel with the intention of visiting Masjidun Nabawi.Some Ulama were of the opinion that the journey to Madeenah Munawwarah should be undertaken with the intention of visiting the Rauda-e-Aqdas.

In conclusion to this entire discussion Hazrat Hajee Imdaadullah Makki (Rahmatullahi alayh) said; "O friends!what should truly be determined is, through which eminent personality have Madinah tayyibah, Masjidun Nabawi, and the Rauda Aqdas acquired their significance? Undoubtedly, Masjidun Nabawi and Raud Aqdas etc.enjoy loftiness over other places due to their relationship with the Messenger of Mercy, the Leader of both worlds.It is the desire of this humble servant that Madinah should be visited with the intention of meeting that personality through whom these places have acquired their supremacy..

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