Friday, November 1, 2013

How can I praise you, Oh Beloved....

There has come a sign from the unknown that I should praise Ahmad صلى الله عليه وسلّم
Friends, neither in my pen nor tongue is there the ability or capacity for this.
My mind and speech are perplexed: if I am to recite, what should I recite?
How can I praise him who is loved by God himself?
This pride, my dignity, they rely on your being,
The outcome of my life is but a spark of your love.
He is the prophet, entirely mercy, consoler of the community;
He has been so kind to us that [out of embarrassment] we can hardly raise our heads.
No one in this world shares in pain and sorrow like him;
O soul, after God, refuge lies in his being.
May my na`t be accepted and I be allowed to enter his presence:
Whether it be a revelation of the holy door or a vision or a glance.
I would sacrifice heart and soul if I have the good fortune of his presence;
My soul would be in ecstasy, the sign of [true] desire.
My prayer is that on the day of resurrection, my master should say to me:
Nuri, what is this fear? Surely you are not unprotected.

(Translation of an Urdu poem written by Nuri)

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Muhammed Hashim said...

Maasha Allah .... Soo Beautiful