Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Longing for Madina

For how long will longing remain in my heart for Medina?
For how long can my restless heart sigh: ah! Medina!

May I die in Medina and let my grave be in Medina;
Carry me to my grave for I am desirous of Medina!

Come; sit yourself in my heart for it is the sublime heavenly throne;
But if you wish, my bosom could become Medina!

O Lord, my heart craves for Yathrib;
O Lord, my mind is melancholic for Medina.

O eye of imagination! It is enough for you that
Seated at home, in my sight appears Medina!

O God! Saa`il (the poet) yearnings are constant day and night;
At every moment, my heart contains passion for Medina!

(Translation of an Urdu poem written by Saa'il)

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