Sunday, November 17, 2013


My body is dissolving in your separation,
And my soul is breaking into piece, Ya Raulallah.
Due to my sins, my heart is weak and becoming enticed.
Ya rasulallah,
When you pass by me,
Then even in my immense poverty, ecstatically,
I must sacrifice my soul on your blessed sandal,
Ya rasulallah
I am drowned in the taste of your love,
And the chain of your love binds my heart,
Yet I don't say that I know this language (of love) Ya rasulallah.
I am worried due to my misdeeds;
And I feel that my sins have blackened my heart Ya rasulallah.
I am in distress, I am in distress, I am in distress! Ya rasulallah
When you spread your hands to intercede for the sinners,
Then do not deprive Jami of your exalted intercession.

                 -Allama Jami (r.a)

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