Saturday, November 16, 2013

The More I Take Muhammad's Name

The more I take Muhammad's name,
The sweeter it seems to me.
Who knew before that in this name
So much of honey could be!

For the honey of this very name,
The bee of my mind doth hum and flirt.
And for the love of this very name,
I have lost my hunger and thirst!

Dearest to me is this name,
Which, like Majnun, I take;
And the nightingale sings
In the rose-bower of my soul
For this name's sake!

For this very name I roam
And wend my way in life:
For this very name I do discard
Even the kingly throne!
May this name, ah God! This blessed name
My mind perpetually pervade!

-Kazi Nazrul Islam

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