Friday, November 1, 2013

Ya Mustafa...

Free from sorrow, O Mustafa
To you I plead, O Mustafa

May destiny not trample me,
May I not be disgraced, O chosen one.

May my tongue constantly utter your name,
May my heart remember you always, O chosen one.

May I never abandon the way of virtue,
May It never become one of tyranny and injustice, O chosen one.

May God bestow on me the courage
That I may fulfill His commands, O chosen one.

May I remain, on the Day of Judgment, [nothing but],
A seeker of assistance from your essence, O chosen one.

May a glance of your favor fall on him,
So that Dagh may remain happy, O chosen one.

(Translation of an Urdu poem written by Dagh)

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