Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Your love decides

How can you live in this world,
If you don't know something about love.
Everyone cares for something,
Everyone even loves something.

This world of Haqq,
Holds a hundred thousand loves,
Look deep within yourself
To see which one is worthy of you.

On the one hand is the love
Of the compassionate, merciful One,
On the other is the love of satan, the rejected. Your love decides
What you are worthy of.

The Prophet Muhammad
Fell into such love here,
His witness was the angel Gabriel,
His Beloved was the Creator.

Mustafa's companions were ‘Umar,
‘Uthman and ‘Ali, and
The greatest of them
Was Abu Bakr, the truthful one.

When Muhammad, the joy of the universes, Ascended to heaven on mir'aj,
He asked God, Haqq,
For blessings on his followers.

Yunus, this is the truth given to you,
How shameful it would be
If you were to look again
At all that you saw before.

(Translation of a beautiful poem by Yunus Emre)

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